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A small business, a family

Our venture started in 2008 at Charlotte area farmers markets. Read and explore our tales, sometimes cautionary, sometimes exhilarating, as we’ve grown from an early idea to something great.

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We are asked for recipes or ideas for ingredient usage all the time. Let us share some of what we do, what we are learning or exploring with you. If you have a culinary confectionary question we’d love to hear it!

We put our heart into everything

Our small business depends on it. We hope you enjoy what you find here and if we can be of any assistance in your journey, stocking your shelves, or enriching your business please reach out to us.

Chocolate reviews

The American chocolate market is growing by leaps and bounds and we hope to share some of the greatness coming out it by sampling those we stock, those people are curious of, and even those beyond people bring our way.

Recent Articles

Chocolate Bunny Sketch

Easter Chocolates Hopping Your Way

| Homemade Chocolate | No Comments
Easter is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with delicious chocolate treats from The Secret Chocolatier! Our Easter collection is full of handcrafted truffles, toffees, and barks…

A Guide to Shipping Chocolate

| Homemade Chocolate | One Comment
Are you trying to ship chocolate? Here's a guide distilled from our knowledge of shipping chocolate even to the hottest climes. All it takes is some forethought and cold packs…
Chocolate Easter Bunnies

A Chocolate Balancing Act–and Easter!

| Chocolate Business, Homemade Chocolate | No Comments
Well we're in the thick of it now aren't we? Our family has weathered a lot of storms in the last 8+ years. Starting in the pit of the housing…
Chocolate nougat bar

8th Anniversary Party & Tasting

| Chocolate Party, Events, Homemade Chocolate | No Comments
8 great years we've had to delight your tastebuds. On this occasion, it's time to try some new things. Read on to see some of what you helped us come…
Green Woman - Laura O'Neil

The Many Faces of Chocolate Exhibit

| Events, The Chocolate Experience | No Comments
We have had a lot of fun working our way to this event. Nearly four months ago an idea was germinated to start something special, an art show. A chocolate…
Chocolate Truffle 2008

Learning and Changing

| Chocolate Business, The Chocolate Experience | No Comments
From our early beginnings to today we've come a long way and in an effort to continue to grow, we're having to change.

Chocolate Reviews


Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolate 70%

| Chocolate Review | No Comments
Given a bar of Camel Milk, Milk Chocolate from Al Nassma The Secret Chocolatier's Andy had to put it through the paces.
Dandelion Chocolate Ambanja Madagascar

Dandelion Chocolate Review: Ambanja Madagascar

| Chocolate Review | 2 Comments
We recently had a visit by our friend Lowe from ChocoFiles. The man has reviewed and tasted more chocolate than maybe anyone, so when it comes to his recommendations I…


Simple Salted Caramel Syrup Recipe for Caramel Month

| Chocolate Recipe, Homemade Chocolate | No Comments
October is the month of Caramel thanks to the National Confectioners Association and The Secret Chocolatier has what you need. First a quick dive, caramel--it can be soft, tacky, runny, buttery,…
The Secret Chocolatier Fudge

Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe Revisited

| Chocolate Recipe, Homemade Chocolate | One Comment
Recently I was asked to share our easy chocolate fudge recipe for an upcoming magazine article.  I thought sure, then paused.. well we haven't made that in a while so…

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