We're a family of chocolate artisans, using traditional recipes and channeling our passion for chocolate into all manner of chocolate treats.

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  • Specialty Chocolate for Fathers Day

    Sweet and Spicy Gift Box by The Secret Chocolatier

    Buying a gift for dad can be troublesome. We’re big kids really and as a big kid it means our budgets break most gift giving thoughts. However our stomachs are often a key to happiness, at least mine is. With that in mind The Secret Chocolatier came up with a few delicious chocolate gifts for the […]

  • Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolate 70%


    Given a bar of Camel Milk, Milk Chocolate from Al Nassma The Secret Chocolatier’s Andy had to put it through the paces. Shares

  • A Chocolate Reflection, Our First Dinner Success

    The Finishing Details

    Once settled into our 2nd location, the environment seemed to call to us– “I deserve beautiful plated desserts for people sit and savor.” My fathers pastry chef background in high end restaurants answered back with joy– “Yes! I want to do that again!” New Beginnings A new era of our business has begun with An […]

Taste is Paramount

There's chocolate, and then there's The Secret Chocolatier's chocolate -- your tastebuds know the difference.

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