We're a family of award winning chocolate artisans, using traditional recipes and channeling our passion for chocolate into all manner of chocolate treats.

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  • Gift Giving Ideas

    Chocolate Baked Treats

    We love being someones gift. It brings happiness to the person opening it and the giver can feel good about what they are giving. During the Fall I talk to a lot of potential givers. Individuals, small businesses, medium businesses, all trying to find some reward in the coming months that will make an impression […]

  • Small Business BIG Impact Winners

    Andy Ciordia accepts Small Business Big Impact Award for The Secret Chocolatier

    The Secret Chocolatier is a bridge of old world skills, new world flavors, and bound together with an assortment of technology. We’re a modern contraption run by family and great employees.  We often have the discussion of how would we have survived without the amount of technology we implement. From storage, sharing, social media, project […]

  • Simple Salted Caramel Syrup Recipe for Caramel Month


    October is the month of Caramel thanks to the National Confectioners Association and The Secret Chocolatier has what you need. First a quick dive, caramel–it can be soft, tacky, runny, buttery, crunchy, crackly–you can caramelize sugar or you can caramelize dairy/milk. I caramelize sugar to create a sugar syrup (shared below) as a part of our […]

Taste is Paramount

There's chocolate, and then there's The Secret Chocolatier's chocolate -- your tastebuds know the difference.

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