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Our venture started in 2008 at Charlotte area farmers markets. Read and explore our tales, sometimes cautionary, sometimes exhilarating, as we’ve grown from an early idea to something great.

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We are asked for recipes or ideas for ingredient usage all the time. Let us share some of what we do, what we are learning or exploring with you. If you have a culinary confectionary question we’d love to hear it!

We put our heart into everything

Our small business depends on it. We hope you enjoy what you find here and if we can be of any assistance in your journey, stocking your shelves, or enriching your business please reach out to us.

Chocolate reviews

The American chocolate market is growing by leaps and bounds and we hope to share some of the greatness coming out it by sampling those we stock, those people are curious of, and even those beyond people bring our way.

Recent Articles

Eat Chocolate Every Month

Chocolate of the Month Club

| Homemade Chocolate | No Comments

  The Secret Chocolatier balances a lot of ongoing projects. Being a small family business means it takes us longer to make real some of those plans. This is one…


Let Us Be Your Gift Concierge

| Chocolate Business, Homemade Chocolate | No Comments

Robin at The Secret Chocolatier knows how to help you make an impression with just the right chocolate and confectionary gift.

Willy Wonka Golden Ticket

From the Chef’s Table, a Perspective on Teaching Chocolate Truffle Making

| Chocolate Tales, The Chocolate Experience | No Comments

We learn a lot about ourselves through our classmates. Teach how to make chocolate truffles has great benefits to us as well.


International Chocolate Awards Finalist

| Chocolate Business, The Chocolate Experience | No Comments

We are happy to announce that our latest chocolate truffle addition, the 80% dark chocolate truffle, has become a grand jury finalist in this years International Chocolate Awards. Each year…


A Quick History of Chocolate

| The Chocolate Experience | No Comments

Interact with a timeline of the finding and subsequent expansion of chocolate across the world.

North Carolina Chocolate Makers

North Carolina Chocolatiers and Charlotte’s Best Chocolate

| Chocolate Business, Homemade Chocolate | No Comments

It’s great to have a string of love from our backyard, North Carolina. North Carolina Chocolatiers by Our State North Carolina is gaining on a lot of great craft creations….

Chocolate Reviews


Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolate 70%

| Chocolate Review | No Comments

Given a bar of Camel Milk, Milk Chocolate from Al Nassma The Secret Chocolatier’s Andy had to put it through the paces.

Dandelion Chocolate Ambanja Madagascar

Dandelion Chocolate Review: Ambanja Madagascar

| Chocolate Review | 2 Comments

We recently had a visit by our friend Lowe from ChocoFiles. The man has reviewed and tasted more chocolate than maybe anyone, so when it comes to his recommendations I…



Simple Salted Caramel Syrup Recipe for Caramel Month

| Chocolate Recipe, Homemade Chocolate | No Comments

October is the month of Caramel thanks to the National Confectioners Association and The Secret Chocolatier has what you need. First a quick dive, caramel–it can be soft, tacky, runny, buttery,…

The Secret Chocolatier Fudge

Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe Revisited

| Chocolate Recipe, Homemade Chocolate | One Comment

Recently I was asked to share our easy chocolate fudge recipe for an upcoming magazine article.  I thought sure, then paused.. well we haven’t made that in a while so…

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700 macaroons in the speed rack, 700 macaroons. Take one down ship it around, 699 macaroons on the wall.

700 macaroons in the speed rack, 700 macaroons. Take one down shi

Bourbon pecan pie bites have made it online. Visit thesecretchocolatier.com and pick a box to share...or not. 😈

Bourbon pecan pie bites have made it online. Visit thesecretchoco

Don't forget to order your turkey. The one that is!

Don’t forget to order your thanksgiving turkey. The chocolate one

White mocha sauce being made. All our syrups are housemade.

White chocolate mocha sauce being made. All our syrups are housem

White favors for fans!

White chocolate favors for golf fans!

Wine and chocolate!

Wine and chocolate!

You feeling it? Specialty treats in production. Get your party platter or kids bags orders in.

You feeling it? Halloween Specialty treats in production. Get you

Planning a and party sure is fun!

Planning a wine and chocolate party sure is fun!