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Let Us Be Your Gift Concierge

In our area you can feel it. Fall is coming. The mornings are becoming a cool 60′ and a shift can be sensed in our shops. A quickening in our kitchens. It’s a revitalizing moment for us in the confectionary trade.

As the gift season looms, and I’ve talked about great gift ideas in the past (you can also see a few gift giving bundles in our store for early ideas), it’s time to start thinking ahead and you need to be thinking about rewarding those around you now.

Let The Secret Chocolatier be Your Gift Concierge

Gift Giving Made Easy

I love working with all sizes of business to build something that makes them memorable to their employees, customers, clients, families, and more.

As a small family business we have a lot of agility and customization we can do for you and believe me when I say we work hard for your business. We appreciate it and want to foster a great relationship, just like for yours.

Reach out to me today we’ve got some great specials we’re running through October for the early bird bookings!

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    Adobe chocolates framed for sending. Cute project!

    Finished gift baskets with custom tags.

    NC chocolate gift basket for conference speaker/sponsor

    180+ Chocolate packages shipped out. How can we make yo

    Corporate meeting favor. 100 boxes of 6 yummy chocolate


    Robin was once a preschool teacher for special needs children, you understand the training ground for being an effective multi-tasker who executes with grace under fire! You might run into Robin back in the kitchen helping her father, Chef Bill, with baby Logan strapped to her back or maybe you’ll have the pleasure of sitting down with her to plan a menu for an event.