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From the Chef’s Table, a Perspective on Teaching Chocolate Truffle Making

Our recent foray into conducting hands-on classes has led to a number of revelations as well as a lot of fun! The truffle making class has been particularly endearing. Something about the “golden ticket” level of excitement participants radiate has carried over to our kitchen and affected how we look at ourselves.

The Giddy First Steps

There is a phenomenon that occurs early. New classmates say hello to each other, a pattern of small story exchange of how you know us (The Secret Chocolatier) or what brought you here. Chef Bill then comes out to bring everyone into the kitchen. A hush falls over the group and a natural huddle forms where it feels like a first-year school session. The nervousness is sometimes palatable. We often forget how daunting this must all look.

Chef gives a small lecture, a chocolate syllabus on what is about to go on–all in short order. Then with a smile he’ll say something like:

“This is the last I am going to stand and talk to you, it’s now all about being hands-on.”

At which point a wave of excitement pours through the class. Smiles break out and like kids in our candy shop they are ready to devour all the joys (and toys) around them.

Passion & Joy is Rewarding & Rejuvenating

Thousands of truffles are created on a weekly basis at The Secret Chocolatier. Anything done in that large of quantity and consistency runs the risk of losing the sense of being extraordinary. Seeing others come into our world like wide-eyed children and leave with so much joy at the knowledge learned has reflected back onto our daily work. As Chefs, we have found an unexpected excitement in teaching others about what we do. After each truffle class the kitchen is once again invigorated by what we do.

“Teaching these classes helps me interact with customers in my comfort zone. In the kitchen, I don’t always get to meet people and answer their questions about what I am making, so this class helps me understand our customers and teach them about what I do every day.” – Chef Abby

Chocolate Truffle Making Class June

Every Class is Different

The most exciting part is that each class is a new (truffle) ball game. Each participant brings a different view, skill level, and reason for being there. Some ask many questions and want to delve deeper into each process. Some just want to get messy and eat chocolate! In turn, we get to see our world of chocolate from a different view every time. No matter what, the one constant between each class is that everyone walks away happy, and that makes us happy!

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Robin was once a preschool teacher for special needs children, you understand the training ground for being an effective multi-tasker who executes with grace under fire! You might run into Robin back in the kitchen helping her father, Chef Bill, with baby Logan strapped to her back or maybe you’ll have the pleasure of sitting down with her to plan a menu for an event.