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Gift Giving Ideas

By November 19, 2014Homemade Chocolate

Chocolate Baked TreatsWe love being someones gift. It brings happiness to the person opening it and the giver can feel good about what they are giving. During the Fall I talk to a lot of potential givers. Individuals, small businesses, medium businesses, all trying to find some reward in the coming months that will make an impression or a memorable mark on their friends, employees, or clients. Helping them gave me an idea to help you all in thinking through the different ideas of gift giving during the Fall/Winter season.

Fall Gifts

If Spring is a time for renewal then Fall is a time of remembrance, being thankful, appreciation. Sending out a gift in November is ahead of the swarm in December and can be a very thoughtful moment.

  • We Appreciate Your Business
  • Thankful For Your Hard Work
  • Remembering a Great 2014
  • A Year to Be Remembered
  • Giving Thanks for Being a Great Client [Friend/Associate]

It’s a simple gesture that makes a big impression.

Chocolate Torte Wedding Cake with Winter BerriesWinter Gifts / December

The nation is crisp, the buzz is all about the Holidays. Gifting is really in full swing. We love being a part of this month but it is not the end-all-be-all. Don’t get lost in the holiday shuffle! Try to time your gift a little further before or right after the holiday to make the most impact. There tends to be a slump right after a big holiday, imagine you are the pick-me-up! Greetings during this time can be simply sharing joy, giving thanks, or if you know the affiliations of your gifted, a religious tilt. Staying somewhat neutral and seasonal is always a safe bet.

  • Happy Holidays
  • Giving the Best to the Best
  • [Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule] Tidings and Thanks
  • Sending you a moment of Joy

Keep it simple, heart felt, and deliver something great.

New Years Gifts

One of the most under supported moment for gifts in the corporate culture. We encourage out of the box thinking at The Secret Chocolatier and one such concept we promote is New Years giving. The first few weeks of the new year are reflective, contemplative, forward looking, internalizing. What a great moment to reflect a gift.

  • 2015 Best Year Yet
  • New Year, New You
  • Banner Year Ahead
  • Cheers to a great 2014 past and an awesome 2015 ahead
  • Looking forward to our business/partnership growth in 2015

Also a great time to include new materials, updates, special offers, inclusive (or exclusive) events.

TSC-Love-BoxesValentines Gifts

While Valentines may be commercialized beyond everyone’s desire, it’s here to stay and you can ride the moment. As individuals we know why we celebrate our loved ones but don’t forget to celebrate the rest of your business relationships. It’s an awesome time to renew your relationship with an out of touch client, employee, or friend.

  • Fall in Love with [Company Name]
  • [Client] + [Company] = Great Things
  • We Miss Our Relationship
  • We Like Like You
  • Thinking of You

Take advantage of the message. For a company this is an underserved event, but using the medium, a little kitsch, wink and nod you’ll be remembered for it.

The Secret Chocolatier Knows Gift Giving

Every week we work with new people trying to make an impression and we make it happen through a very happy belly. Check out our new bundles we’ve made and get in touch with me on how we can best make a memorable moment with those in your life.


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