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St. Patrick’s Day Fun

By March 12, 2012July 28th, 2014Chocolate Cake, The Chocolate Experience

St. Patrick's Day Cake in a Jar, Mint Green Buttercream and White Cream Cheese CakeSaint Patrick’s Day Cake in a Jar

As a family we’re always looking to have a bit more fun in the kitchen.  Since we have a shop now we’re open to creating fun desserts that can be enjoyed for many more seasonal events than before.

To commemorate a little luck of the Irish this year we decided to create  a cake-in-a-jar with white cream cheese cake, mint flavored green buttercream and a white chocolate shamrock for your enjoyment.

The mint flavor is soft and not overpowering, it reminds me of a really comfortable creme de mint and if you’re like us the jar did not stay full long.

Our little cake also had a debut on this Monday’s Charlotte today.

The Secret Chocolatier on Charlotte Today


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