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Halfway through Lent

By March 8, 2012March 24th, 2014Chocolate Business

Chocolate-Easter-BunnySpringtime Greetings!

And for those who observe the season of Lent you are almost halfway through!

Did you know the word “Lent” means spring. It’s when everything that is sleeping, resting, or sluggish, begins to bud and bring forth a fresh newness. It’s a time of looking to fullness of life, buds begin to show before the full blooming of the flower and the fruit that will later grow on our trees, seedlings push up from the soil and grow quickly for our nourishment or visual pleasure.

A Time of Reflection

While Lent is a time of fasting and prayer for Christians, it is also a time of reflection. A time to examine our lives how we live, the choices we make on a regular basis and how those choices affect the people around us, our community and the earth itself. I often think of the food we choose to eat and how where we get it affects not only our families but also, those who grow it and how they treat the soil they use.

A Personal Sacrifice

For some, Lent is also a time when you give up something you really enjoy, a way to sacrifice personally. People often give alcohol, desserts, breads, and sometimes even chocolate! For those of you who have dug down deep to find the strength to give up chocolate we miss seeing you but wish you well on your spiritual journey.

And when that journey is over we will have some wonderful chocolates waiting for you to help in your celebration of New Life!

Colbert’s Take on Lent

I watch a fair share of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert and his take on the holiday is highly amusing. Everyone sacrifices something.

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Stephen’s Lenten Sacrifice
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