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Cacao Atlanta Review: South Georgia Peanuts with Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

By February 28, 2012Chocolate Review

Part of me does not like doing a first review of Cacao Atlanta by choosing this bar. Kristen Hard does a really good job with her chocolates but today this bar called to me and I answered.  In answering I thought it was due a review of it’s own due to the real unique nature.

Cacao Atlanta South Georgia Peanuts with Hickory Smoked Sea SaltSouth Georgia Peanuts with Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

Just let that name resonate with you for a moment. Hickory smoked sea salt and georgia peanuts? Yea.. Doesn’t it just draw you in for exploration?

  • Decor
    • All of Cacao Atlanta products are similar in their clean embossed packaging
    • Small labeling shifts denote style
  • Temper
    • Good snap, peanuts don’t allow for as tight a snap temper as one can get
  • Aroma
    • Package opening–immediate hickory smell
    • Further hickory notes as you smell the bar
    • At the lips you can sense the salt in your throat on inhale
  • Taste
    • Overwhelming salt and hickory if you eat one way (salt to tongue)
    • Little more chocolate taste which helps subdue the smoked salt if eaten (chocolate to tongue)
    • Very hard to discern unique properties as the smoked salt blows your taste buds way off course
  • Body
    • Smooth chocolate
    • Chunky peanuts
    • Crunchy salt
  • Aftertaste
    • Lingering memories of a bbq
    • Trace amounts of dark chocolate

Surprising Chocolate

I really don’t like to use the word gimmick because it’s not, but this is not a bar you can just sit down and eat out of the blue. Situational is probably a better way to frame this chocolate bar. It requires some setup. I want to take this bar with me to my next brewery crawl and enjoy it with a pint of OMB Copper. Or next time I make ribs or brisket I think this bar would go smashingly well as a side or even melted and brushed on top.  Mole sauce southern style!  However if you’re just wanting something mild and relaxing to join you for an afternoon cup of coffee–I don’t think this is for you.  The palates will clash too much.

Chef Bill dropped in and grabbed a bite of this and was blown away, he thinks it might be a new favorite of his.  Go figure.  Just goes to show that all of our likes and palates are different. You might find this bar a stand alone champ, others might need it during game night. To each there own.  I’ll definitely circle back around and give Kristen and Cacao Atlanta another review of their stand alone chocolates another time because they are really worth while.  Until then drop in and pick up this bar or others at the shop.


Andy is a jack-of-all trades. Technologist, designer, super palate enabled crazy individual. He is like a madman helping The Secret Chocolatier reach new heights and when he's not doing that, or entertaining his new son, he might be falling out of nearly perfect airplanes.