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Chocolate Wedding Favors Win Every Time

By March 13, 2012Chocolate Party

There are many thoughts on what makes the best wedding favor. Frames, candles and candle holders, personalized glassware, salt and pepper shakers and pretty soups are all popular choices. For the most part, however, they are all knick knacks to be left on a shelf gathering dust. Unless it is your wedding, or someone who is close to you, you really do not leave wedding favors out as a home decoration which makes many types of wedding favors pointless and a waste of money.

What Makes a Memorable Wedding Favor?

For a memorable wedding favor, that is sinfully delicious, think chocolate. Chocolate wedding favors are a crowd-pleaser for all types of people. America has a love affair with chocolate; it is written that the average person eats around 12 pounds of chocolate a year. Chocolate has been around for thousands of years with Amazonians, Mayans and Aztecs enjoying it way back when. So as a wedding favor chocolate has no rival. The Secret Chocolatier makes high quality chocolates and chocolate truffles, chocolate dipped caramel and confections such as brownies, dessert sauces and Cake-in-a-Jar.

Assorted Chocolate Truffle Wedding Favors

Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffle Wedding Favors

Any of the boxed collection would make wonderful wedding favors because there is such a variety to choose from. Coffee enthusiasts would love the Breakfast Truffle Sampler with the Espresso Truffle, Tea fans might appreciate the Chocolate Tea Sampler which includes Earl Gray and Chai, the Heart Chocolate and Confections Box is almost made for a wedding (it comes in a red box with a heart cut-out) and the Chocolate Trifecta and Seasonal Variety are enough to put anyone into chocolate bliss. We can also do something as simple as two chocolate truffles or confections of your choice in a cute little box and bow.

Assorted Chocolate Truffles

You can also choose to theme your chocolate favors for a wedding summer with the fruity chocolate truffles. Cherry chocolate truffles will wake up the taste buds with their tart cherry taste while the orange chocolate truffles have orange rinds “steeped in cream” to make anyone’s mouths water.

For a slightly more subtle taste you can choose the coconut chocolate truffles with coconut cream on the inside and toasted coconut on the outside and for a really unique taste you can choose pink grapefruit truffles which are made with ruby red grapefruits for a melt-in-your-mouth freshness.

Caramel Cream Cake in a Jar

Caramel Cream Cake in a Jar

A Wedding Cake in a Jar

A Cake-in-a-Jar is the epitome of chocolate decadence and would be a remembered wedding favor for years to come. The three (non-seasonal) choices are Caramel Cream, Chocolate Pate and Midnight Delight; all very geared towards chocoholics. All three start with moist chocolate cake and then take off from there with wonderful delicacies like fudge butter cream, roasted cacao nibs, chocolate fudge, chocolate pate, caramel and white chocolate butter cream.

The Secret Chocolatier Custom Brownie Pop Wedding Favors

South Carolina Inspired Wedding Favors

Custom Chocolate Wedding Favors

The Secret Chocolatier offers customization of many of our products. One favorite to customize with the wedding theme is the enrobed chocolate brownie bars and pops.

Custom packaging can make these chocolate favors even more special; dress it up and make it your very own. Whichever chocolate wedding favor you choose for your wedding you can be certain that high quality chocolate is used to create these beautiful and delectable chocolate creations.

If you can imagine having something delicious as your favor get in contact with us and let’s make it happen!



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