The Great American Craft Chocolate Makers

By August 3, 2011 American Chocolate

Coffee had a resurgence of American roasters, the brewmiesters have also been going crazy lately, and the more I dig around the more wonderful craft chocolate makers are to be found in the States.  As a real coffee and beer aficionado it’s been a treat to experience their offerings and now with our shop I’ve been contacting everyone from our region outward looking for those great chocolates that we can offer the public. Many of these great chocolate crafters also have bulk that we can let Chef have his hands on to create even more delicacies.  Exciting!

I’ll be posting tasting notes on many of these great chocolate crafters as well as if you’re local we’ll be doing tastings for your own palate building.

A teaser of what is to come..

  • Cacao Atlanta
  • Potomac Chocolate
  • Taza Chocolate
  • Patric Chocolate
  • Askinose
  • Madre
  • and more..
Got a favorite you don’t want us to miss, let me hear from you!

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  • Melanie says:

    Would love to see some great NC chocolates represented in your lineup. Chocolate Gems in Black Mountain has someu00a0good truffle offerings (as well as incredible gelato).u00a0 Black Mountain Chocolate in Swannanoa is basically a one-person shop that is showing a lot of promise with single-source chocolate drops, packaged in small steel boxes (think Altoids) … they also source chocolate to Chocolate Gems for a few of their single-source truffle selections. Chocolate Fetish in Asheville has 2 truffle lines, one American and one European, that have very distinctive tastes but are good in different ways … love the “Velvet Sin” truffle in the European line! Closer to home, Petit Philippe right here in Charlotte has excellent truffles and caramels made in-house by Casey Hickey. If you ever decide to branch into fudge, Topsail Island Trading Company at Surf City has more than 30 selections to choose from at any given point in time and their plain chocolate fudge has a decent shelf life.And, I will make another plug for Chuao … they are not a NC chocolatier, but have an excellent Choco Pod selection (flat disks of infused chocolate, individually wrapped … a one-bite, $1.29 burst of pleasure).nnMelanie

  • A Shearer24 says:

    Edward Marc Chocolates please!!u00a0

    • Edward Marc seems to be a confection maker, not a bean to bar producer. u00a0I could be missing something though. u00a0We’re trying to highlight those who are making connections to the farm through the chain.