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The Littlest Chocolatier

Logan Ciordia, The Big Easy in the Chocolate Shop

We’re a family here at The Secret Chocolatier.  Everyone has a lot of roles they play; my mother, father, husband, his mother, and even nephew Joey has gotten into the mix of late.  Not to mention the work that gets done by my sister when she passes through.  

There is never a dull moment here and after bringing our newest joy into the world it was time to bring him by the shop to smell the delights and listen to the sounds of the heartbeat of our family chocolate shop.

At 5 days old, we had to show our newest addition his second home.

Little Logan the Chocolatier

Little Logan was immediately comfortable in the surrounding of our chocolate shop. He took it all in and was introduced to our neighboring shop owners.

As baby’s do, he slept. Considering how many months he spent there in the womb, its not surprising that nothing bothered him, even when held next to Grandpa’s loud mixer full of marshmallow fluff!

So, welcome Logan, to the exciting life of growing up in a chocolate shop!

Andy, Karen, Robin, Bill, and Logan


Robin was once a preschool teacher for special needs children, you understand the training ground for being an effective multi-tasker who executes with grace under fire! You might run into Robin back in the kitchen helping her father, Chef Bill, with baby Logan strapped to her back or maybe you’ll have the pleasure of sitting down with her to plan a menu for an event.