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Spring Chocolates, Fresh Moments

By April 30, 2009March 24th, 2014The Chocolate Experience

Spring Violet Flowers Photo by Flickr: Kainet
What does Spring mean to you?

To us, and we have big talks about this, Spring has clean, fresh thoughts. Light, bright, and fun. Spring stepped through on the calendar a few weeks ago but the climate is still figuring it out here in the Carolina’s and much of the Northern Hemisphere. We’re still glad to be in transition though.

At the end of a season we feel the call to shift. Everyone around us does from working through closets, a clean home, an office where you can find the paperwork, our farmer friends planting seeds, to the foods that you start getting a hankering for (grill night anyone?).

Where do you fall in the Spring lineup? Anything you miss that you welcome back with open arms?

As things shift we begin to dream of the new flavors we want to explore or some signatures to bring back. Not having a shop means we can’t have as diverse a selection as we would like. Great things take time, we understand, but that doesn’t mean we have to stifle our creativity. We just have to dole it out sparingly across the months.

We hope we can entice you to try some of our Spring chocolates. The organic Violet flowers truffles are a becoming quite a hit this season. Followed by Pink Grapefruit, Chai, & Vanilla Bean.


Andy is a jack-of-all trades. Technologist, designer, super palate enabled crazy individual. He is like a madman helping The Secret Chocolatier reach new heights and when he's not doing that, or entertaining his new son, he might be falling out of nearly perfect airplanes.