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When times are tough, Chocolate is King.

Chocolate Ganache, Fit for a King

Chocolate Ganache, Fit for a King

Well, chocolate is good all the time but that’s beside the point. It’s tough times. No doubt about it. Yet every day we help people enjoy something more for a few moments with Chocolate. That’s really special.

We were speaking with a reporter the other day who was asking about chocolate in an uncertain economy. I was reminded of a passage from Discover Chocolate where Clay talks about how everyone can be a King with chocolate.

There are very few items that you can indulge in that usually cost a lot. How can you have a feast if all you can afford is a taste of the gravy? How often can you just have a sip of the best wines? Old liquors still cost hundreds a serving. Even if chocolate is $100/pound a delightful treat may only cost $5. That’s not bad at all. It’s nice to know that everyone can have a real moment that doesn’t break the bank.

It’s one reason we like our product so much, each bite no matter how big or small is a delight. Sourcing high quality ingredients worked with passion and artisanal fundamentals creating an affordable product that really can daze people. Robin said it best tonight that she sometimes felt bad to continue talking when she saw that glaze happen over a persons eyes. I look forward to a day we can point someone to a seat or couch and tell them to sink into that feeling for a bit.

Until then continue supporting the ingredients with good stories, recipes that excite the artisan, and places that give you comfort. For a small price you’ll find some chocolate indulgences that will keep you happy.


Andy is a jack-of-all trades. Technologist, designer, super palate enabled crazy individual. He is like a madman helping The Secret Chocolatier reach new heights and when he's not doing that, or entertaining his new son, he might be falling out of nearly perfect airplanes.