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Infusion Series: Ancho Pepper Chocolate Truffle

As Hot As Possible at the Market

As Hot As Possible at the Market

Adding hot peppers to chocolate is a very binary experience. Meaning you either love it, or hate it. We have a large following locally who desire our ancho pepper chocolate truffles and chide us all year long waiting for their return. During our first week of Fall infusions we couldn’t keep them stocked at any of our markets.

Sourcing Ancho Peppers

Ancho is another thing we can proudly source locally.  We use Eric and Cathy of As Hot As Possible for our ancho peppers.

We had been growing peppers in our backyard garden for about 8 years and then……  WE MOVED. So, we went from our tiny backyard space to 4 acres of open horse pasture. A “blank canvas of green space” to cultivate. Very exciting. […] We had no idea what our first year vegetable garden would produce. We planted our primary crop of hot chili peppers, tomatoes and a few other veggies to try. Everything did remarkably well.

They support the community in many ways. We are very happy to be friends and source from people who steward their land with love and care.

Everything is grown without chemical fertilizers or insecticides. All natural, Earth friendly produce. We practice sustainable gardening principles. What is good for the earth is good for us.

Dried Ancho Pepper

Dried Ancho Pepper

Dark Chocolate Ancho Infusion Magic

It takes a little work getting the infusion right. We take beautiful dried anchos and weigh out the fleshy parts against the seeds and have found a balance we enjoy.

We wanted to capture that something, the essence, of a really tasty ancho. Smokey, earthy, a little raisin or currant. It should make your tongue tingle but not set you on fire. Topping it all off is a nice kick of heat when you swallow. It’s really quite a nice experience if you’re a fan of savory-sweet chocolate.

We’re going to have anchos until we run out which if we’re lucky will give you a long enough time with them before we let the flavor rest until next they bloom again. Then once again we will hear the chiding of desire for them to return. Seasons are so much fun.

Check the Matthews Community Farmers Market website for availability of ourselves or As Hot As Possible.


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