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Celebrating Mother’s Day

By May 1, 2009March 24th, 2014Chocolate Tales
My Mother

My Grandmother

Mother’s day is right around the corner and there are many things I reflect upon fondly but, because food is one of the ways we communicate, celebrate and nurture relationships, I usually end up thinking about family gatherings and things surrounding food.

My Mother Helped Me Start the Day Right

One of the many things I remember growing up is that I always ate breakfast. When I would get bored with cereal my mother and I would to talk about choices that were tasty in the morning. I would decide what sounded good at the time and usually stuck with it for a few weeks till I needed a change again. Sometimes she would make me poached eggs (I love dipping toast into the runny yolk). The most interesting breakfast I remember was a “jelly omelet”. The omelet was cooked with plain eggs in a pan, a spoonful of jelly was put in the middle, then it was folded over (yum, yum). That little bit of sweetness made sure this child got a healthy dose of protein, vitamins, and iron to start the day. How clever of her! Because I was one of 5 children and we all had staggered school times I don’t know how many times she went through this each morning but I’m thankful for having a role model of good eating habits.

Traditions are What You Make Them

Following in that tradition, when my children were younger I always made sure they started the day with healthy food (though at times they tried to resist). Sometimes we had hot cereal, cold cereal, and the girls each had a special bowl handed down to them that they loved using for boiled eggs. But I especially remember cooking French toast at 6:15 in the morning because it was a favorite. Then the three of us would run out the door trying to get to school on time, I as teacher and they as students.

Honoring Mothers

So this year once again I will remember & honor my mother who always made me feel smart.

I will remember my aunt who through her own example showed me that women are intelligent and can go anywhere and do anything.

I will remember my grandmother who was always modern and so up to date on things that impacted me, even when I became a teenager and young adult.

I will remember my mother-in-law, who helped me in so many ways when my children were young. (Babysitting and helping me keep my sanity).

And I will remember my two sisters who are both amazing mothers and who I miss very much.

Take time to remember the women in your life.
Happy Mother’s Day!


p.s. I of course, will be sending my mother chocolate truffles, but don’t tell -sshhh


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