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Summertime and the living is easy!!

By June 6, 2012Chocolate Tales

I remember so well the last few days of the school year, making sure everything was finished up for my own children’s year end and, as a teacher myself, saying good-byes to students and parents for the summer.

Apple-May-Be-Good-But-Chocolate-is-BetterA Teacher Remembers

I haven’t been in the classroom for years but I do at times become nostalgic when I remember that first day of summer vacation: Sleeping late, having my second cup of coffee on the couch with my feet up instead of in the car on the way to school. Having spent most of my teaching career with younger students I remember the proud happy smiles they had when they’d hand me their “end of the year gift.” You might be surprised to know that I have made good use of the many mugs I have gotten because I love coffee (our espresso truffle is one of my favorites).

The Indulgent Gifts

But I’ll admit that I especially enjoyed the many gourmet gifts I received. I felt I had earned the indulgence so it was all guilt free! Picture a teacher on her first day off sitting in a comfy chair with a box of truffles on her lap or a cake in a jar and a smile on her face, it doesn’t get any better than that. If you haven’t already bought your end of the year gift, stop by for a visit and we can certainly help you pick out something to make your teacher smile. I’m an expert at picking out gourmet teacher’s gifts!

As a former teacher, the mother of a teacher, sister, aunt, in-law, and cousin of teachers we appreciate the thanks you send our way.


Karen provides the charm and conversation to visitors in our shop. Her friendly disposition led her to a career in church something-or-other, and now she brings her listening skills and desire to make people happy to our family enterprise.