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Chocolate Shop Metrics 2011

By January 11, 2012Chocolate Business

The Secret ChocolatierEach year I comb our sales data and try to create a picture for the family of their hard work for the year.  We thought it would be fun to share with you all since this was our largest year ever, and of course it is because of people like you.

The Secret Chocolatier Production 2011

26,000 Chocolate Truffles (or 1/4 mile of truffles)

When you combine all of our truffle infusions we grew over 330% over 2010. That is amazing to us. If you’re the visual thinker if you put all of our truffles together for the year they would extend about 2100 feet or 1/4 mile. In sheer weight it’s over 800 lbs of chocolate ganache.

3,900 Enrobed Brownies (975 feet of brownies)

These chunky chewy brownie bars have traveled far and wide. We’ve decorate them for parties, anniversaries, the seasons, and even made spooky Franken-Treats for Halloween.  We get to have a lot of fun with these dunkable delights.

3,800 Caramels

Our caramels only came out a few months ago and quickly took off like a rocket ship. It took us about 5 iterations to make them the right consistency. Our first batch almost pulled our teeth out! They’ve come a long way and the dark chocolate sea salt versions are definitely the hit of the party.

1,300 Peanut Butter Porcupines

Another new entrant late in the year for those who need to have their peanut butter and chocolate fix. We use our 60% to coat them. Chef Bill then teases a few “spikes” off the tops to make them our Porcupine.

800 Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

When we moved into our new shop these gems fell off the kitchen table for a while. Remembering that we had forgotten (like that?) they were reintroduced with a thicker dipping and were well received.  I only wish we had brought them back sooner because they are what I call my “diet pills.”

210 Chocolate & Caramel Sauces (or 121 lbs)

Our sauces are delicious. Some of our fans just buy the chocolate fudge sauce and eat it with a spoon. I can’t do that, it’d be gone in one sitting and that would make me feel so guilty.  Our caramel sauce goes great over ice cream, cakes, and more. You can check the households fridges and you’ll find a jar in them I guarantee.

200 Cakes

A combination of our shoebox, circle, specialty cakes, and tortes–we blew the records off our cake orders. From anniversary cakes, wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, and a myriad of life events in between we were happy to celebrate with you.

220oz of Chocolate Dipped Fruits

I have a love affair with chocolate covered ginger and orange peels.  It didn’t take much convincing to get the family to fall in love with me.  We candy our own ginger in house and dip all our fruits in Taza’s 80% dark chocolate.  Scrumptious and satisfying.

Our First Year, Wow

All in all we had a great 2011. It is my desire to grow these numbers by leaps and bounds to firmly put The Secret Chocolatier in stable orbit.  To think of how much of these numbers were generated after our opening in May is just astounding.  We thank everyone who has worked with us, shared the news, given hand holding and hugs when needed.

Now let’s continue having fun and working hard towards further great ends.


Andy is a jack-of-all trades. Technologist, designer, super palate enabled crazy individual. He is like a madman helping The Secret Chocolatier reach new heights and when he's not doing that, or entertaining his new son, he might be falling out of nearly perfect airplanes.