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Planning a Chocolate Party

By September 22, 2011Chocolate Party, Homemade Chocolate

Any chocolate lover knows that a chocolate party is an awesome party!  The Secret Chocolatier was asked to produce some cool chocolate party platters that could be ordered or built upon for their Charlotte customers.  It’s going to be a living document as it evolves but I’m happy to finally be launching our chocolate products & platter guide.

The Perfect Chocolate Party

It took us a while to think through what makes up a good party; what makes up a good succinct chocolate platter.  It sounds easy but when you start working through the concept you have to think about budget, who’s coming, taste, texture, and variety.

The Secret Chocolatier's Chocolate Platter, Bits and Bites

Chocolate Bit's and Bites

Budget Accordingly

For our products a little can go a long way.  Using higher quality ingredients will do that. It fills you up with chocolate rather than filler. If you’re using high quality treats you might only need 1 item per person. The more you go generic you may need 3-4 items per person.  

When we mix and match we usually recommend to customers that they budget 1.5 items per person.  Some people eat more, some eat less.  If we have an average cost of $2 per unit then for a 3o person party you’re looking at $90.

This could also be thought of on lighter items like pretzel sticks vs a dense chocolate torte.  One is snack-ish, one will satisfy–that’s not saying they both aren’t good but think about what the event is and how much you want people to be full.  If this is just a mixer or meet and greet you want people to stay mobile.  If this is a nice dinner party you may want to top people off well and have them leave with heavy silly grins.

Who is Coming to the Chocolate Party

The audience is very important.  Kids want to grab and go, and part of what they grab may end up on the floor.  Sophistication isn’t needed.  Fun and fanciful is.  Keep it light and have fun.

The Secret Chocolatier's Chocolate Texture Trio Platter

Chocolate Texture Trio Platter

Adults on the other hand have a few ways enjoy their goodies.  At a seated party one might want a little nibble plate of a few items to end the night.  On the other hand having a decadent and rich dessert like a flour less chocolate torte or a big bowl of chocolate mousse and whipped cream might fit the bill.  Again who is coming, what is the function, and what do you want the final food memory to be.  So many ways to treat.

Like kids though and staying mobile if you’re having a party and sitting is not likely stick to finger foods and small tapas like portions.  You can slice things smaller, use little cups for chocolate creams, or truffles and caramels make a nice and appetizing set of treats.

Taste, Texture, and Variety

We have a few axes we break things down with. Sweet and salty.  Crunchy and smooth. Thick and thin.

Monotony is the bane of most parties so a little diversity goes a long way.  Chocolate creams, like mousse, pate, drinking chocolates. Chocolate cakes, butter creams, cream cheese, fudge icings. Chocolate ganaches, truffles and tortes.  Mix and match with chocolate dipped pretzel rods and dark chocolate sea salt caramels (or milk of course.)  Add some bright acidities in there with candied fruits like ginger and orange.  Grabbing a few artisanal bars of chocolate and breaking them up into little nibbles are usually a big hit as well.  Ask us for some diversity, the worlds cacao producing regions have some amazing flavors and letting people explore those as a part of the mix adds to the conversation–‘So that’s what a dominican chocolate can taste like.. do you taste..’

Above all have fun.

If The Secret Chocolatier can make your next party, gathering, or corporate event a bit more chocolaty let us know.  Check out our offerings and let’s start a discussion, call us at 704-323-8178 or email us at [email protected].


Andy is a jack-of-all trades. Technologist, designer, super palate enabled crazy individual. He is like a madman helping The Secret Chocolatier reach new heights and when he's not doing that, or entertaining his new son, he might be falling out of nearly perfect airplanes.