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Poll: What’s your favorite chocolate?

By January 26, 2010Chocolate Party

A few new secrets coming to light, a white chocolate truffle and a milk chocolate truffle. We’ve desired to create a best of class version of both but we’re really sticklers for quality, taste, and texture. Developing that takes time but the rewards are going to be so very sweet.

We know you have preferences and with that you’re allowed to vote for more than one. While we’re guessing there are a majority of dark chocolate lovers who are here I bet there is a desire for some quality milk chocolate and white chocolate delights. What say you?


Andy is a jack-of-all trades. Technologist, designer, super palate enabled crazy individual. He is like a madman helping The Secret Chocolatier reach new heights and when he's not doing that, or entertaining his new son, he might be falling out of nearly perfect airplanes.