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What’s Your Favorite Homemade Dessert?

By January 13, 2009Chocolate Tales

Everyone has a favorite. It can be as simple as a touchstone from childhood or something more modern. Homemade desserts. Just thinking about it makes you salivate, dreamy, maybe even a light meditation sets in. Share with us some of your favorite desserts that make you happy.

The Secret Chocolatier’s Favorites

Homemade Desserts

Homemade Desserts

Bill Dietz

My response to that question is very simple and always the same, my favorite desert to eat is anything that anybody else makes besides me, and is willing to share it with me. Being a Pastry chef tends to intimidate people, even our friends, away from even telling me when they have done some baking….. silly people.

As a baker I do have a favorite product that I’ve made for many years, Pecan Sticky Buns. I have often looked for any opportunity to make these extremely sweet and gooey sticky breakfast treats. I think that they may remind me of a sticky bun product that my grandfather made in his bakery.

After saying all of that, I must confess that I’m a real sucker for rice krispie treats, go figure!

Karen Dietz

My favorite dessert is the Chocolate Pate’ with it’s coating of almonds and drizzled caramel sauce. I love the creamy texture, which I find to be between the chocolate mousse and the oblivion torte in density and richness . Almonds are so delicious, with their slight sweetness and they have many health benefits as an added bonus.

I am an extreme caramel lover (having been caught sitting with a bowl of the sauce and spoon in hand, eating it like soup) so you can understand my devotion to this wonderful dessert.

Robin Ciordia

Give me a giant bowl of chocolate mousse, a bag of whipped cream, and a spoon! I like to feel like I’m swimming in my dessert. Why a bag of whipped cream? As I eat through the first layer of cream and chocolate, the topping needs to be replenished so that each bite has a beautiful combination of both. The texture, the size, the pure chocolate goodness makes the chocolate mousse my favorite dessert.

Andy Ciordia

I’d have to say one of my all time favorite desserts is a homemade eclair. Start with the quintessential pâte à choux piped out and baked golden, a vanilla cream with perhaps a hint of citrus, and a ribbon of heavenly homemade chocolate. Let set as long as your willpower allows and devour with childlike unrivaled glory.

It is probably my achilles heel!

What’s Your Favorite Homemade Dessert?

Now that we’ve shared some of ours, let us hear from you!


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