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Homemade Chocolate Resolution

By January 2, 2009March 24th, 2014Chocolate Business, Homemade Chocolate

It’s a New Year!

Three Holiday Truffles
Something about the turn of a calendar year makes most people introspective. Hopes for the year to come run high when I think on our family business of homemade chocolate. Most prominent ruminations bring feelings of pride, joy, and determination for the upcoming year.

Pride in Homemade Chocolate

As a chocolatier, many sources of pride exist. Our family is working together to create a healthy, reliable, quality driven business of homemade chocolate goodies. How can we not be proud of the truffles that our hands have rolled, dipped, and decorated individually?

Joy in Relationships

There is nothing more joyful than the look on a customer’s face after having a “moment” with our homemade chocolate. That look offers confirmation that we are doing things right, that we are offering the best. Already, returning customers are like part of the family. The relationships we have built around our homemade chocolate enrich our lives. Our customers make it all worthwhile and empower us to continue.

Resolution of Determination

This year’s homemade chocolate resolution is determination to mature a family business. Sharing of our homemade chocolate gifts continue as The Secret Chocolatier grows in its prestige.  For our family and yours, we are determined to keep goodness as the top priority in all we do.

Thanks for all your support to this point and beyond. As a growing company we are always listening for ways to get our products out there so if you have ideas or can help us further please chime in!

Happy New Year!

ps.. Check out the interview Bill was able to take part in recently!


Robin was once a preschool teacher for special needs children, you understand the training ground for being an effective multi-tasker who executes with grace under fire! You might run into Robin back in the kitchen helping her father, Chef Bill, with baby Logan strapped to her back or maybe you’ll have the pleasure of sitting down with her to plan a menu for an event.