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Make Halloween Safer with Homemade Chocolate

Homemade chocolate treats? That used to be what mom made you throw away from the halloween bag. Now you are safer with the homemade goodies from the chocolatier you know and trust.

The recent scare of melamine in chocolate from China begs the question.

Do you know where your chocolate came from?

At least you know where your neighbor lives, and what home that chocolate is made in. I would trust the homemade chocolate gifts for this halloween and holiday season.

Here’s a quick and delicious chocolate recipe for you, your family, and your neighborhood ghouls.

Chocolate Cherry Bark (or Buried Treasure)

  • 1 pound dark chocolate, a blend of semi-sweet and dark
  • 3/4 cup tart cherries (or 1 pouch, you decide how much cherry you want)

Chop your chocolate into bits and shuffle it all into a heatproof bowl. Using a double-boiler idea over heated water on low heat stir your chocolate until it is almost melted (there will be carry over heat). Stir until it all looks nice and melty making sure to scrape the bottom for solids. Add your cherries and stir till coated.

Pour contents out into little dollops (circles) using a silpat or lined baking sheet (parchment paper) and let cool. If you have the drops you just pick up and go, if you’ve chosen a sheet method crack them into chunks you like and store.

Chewy chocolate cherry goodness! An easy favorite!

Have a fantastic and safe halloween!


Robin was once a preschool teacher for special needs children, you understand the training ground for being an effective multi-tasker who executes with grace under fire! You might run into Robin back in the kitchen helping her father, Chef Bill, with baby Logan strapped to her back or maybe you’ll have the pleasure of sitting down with her to plan a menu for an event.